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Kumpulan tugas structure 2

Student Task
Task 1 passive voice
1. Change the passive into active
        a. The speech was given by Mr. Sahrul
          b. Our task are going to be corrected by the teacher
          c. The electric light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison
          d. You are invited to the party by Susan
          e. Jane has been checked by auditor

2. Change the active into passive
        a. Andy has prepared the tea
          b. Shirley was preparing the dessert
          c. Kate prepared her examination
          d. The teacher will check our papers next week
          e. Mr. Isham buy new red cars

Task 2 passive and active
Make complete sentences with given words. It can be passive or active
Example      : (Must)
a. seat belt/wear/during takeoff and landing
b. all passengers/ wear/ their seat belt during takeoff and landing
   a. Seat belt must be wore during takeoff and landing (passive)
   b.  All passengers must wear their seat belt during takeoff and landing (active)

     1. Will            : many lives/save/with the new medical procedure
     2. Can             : product information/find/on the internet
     3. Should        : people/check/smoke alarm once a month
     4. May            : the villagers/ kill/in the typhoon yesterday
     5. Had better  : medical supplies/deliver/soon  

Task 3 would you mind
Make sentences using would you mind
1.   A. I want to marry you.
B. I want you to marry me.
2.   A. I want you to speak with headmaster.
B. I want to speak with headmaster.
3.   A. I want to close the window.
B. I want you to close the window.

Complete the sentences with the verb in parentheses. Use if I + past tense or the – ing form of the verb. In some of the sentences either response is possible, but the meaning is different.

1.   A: I’m very tired and need to sleep. Would you mind (go) ____ to bed?
B: I’m sorry. I didn't understand what you said. 
    Would you mind (repeat) ____that?
2.   A: are you coming with us?
B: I know I promise to go with you, but I’m not feeling very good. 
    Would you mind (stay) ____home?
A: of course not.
3.   A: would you mind (smoke) ____?
B: I’d really rather you didn't.
4.   A: excuse me. Would you mind (speak) ____a little more slowly? 
          I didn't catch what you said.
B: oh, of course. I’m sorry.

Task 4 should, ought to and had better
Complete the dialogues with your own words. Use should, ought to or had better to give advice.
1.     A: the helmet I bought last week didn't fit
B: you ……………………………..
2.   A: I have got stomachache
B: you……………………………….
3.   A: I missed the bus
B: you ……………………………….
4.   A: He asked me to marry him
B: you ……………………………….

Task 5 be supposed to
Answer the question in complete sentences. Use be suppose to
1. What are you supposed to do if you found much money?
2. If you are driving and an ambulance with flashing lights and blaring sirens 
    comes up behind you, what are you supposed to do?
3.What are you supposed to be doing right now?

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