Rabu, 27 Februari 2013


Home work
Change the sentences into indirect form!

1.   Usman said "I want to come to your house"
2.   Irma said "you can join my club"
3.   Arman said "I shall buy a new drawing book"
4.   Amin and Dina said "we will go to campus tomorrow"
5.   Sandi said "you must see the doctor"
6.   Ani told to me "get out from my house"
7.   The teacher told the students "clean your class"
8.   The garbageman told to Sinta "don't throw your book"
9.   Amir said "you may go to the museum"
10. Jaka asked to me "borrow me your pencil"

Collect your task on Monday!

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